Ministry Development

WHEN: (When there are enough students to run the class)
WHERE: 34 Edwards Ave, Thornton. (Newcastle, Australia)
CONTACT: Phone 0481 838 363

Directions: Travelling from Newcastle to Maitland on New England Highway, take the ramp at the Beresfield overpass, turn right at the lights. Drive under the overpass and continue to the first roundabout near Stratco. Go left and proceed 100 metres to the next roundabout. Turn right, proceed over the new railway bridge, and continue on to 34 Edwards Ave. My residence is adjacent to the roundabout a large palm tree in the centre, corner of Somerset Dr.

It is understood that all students will be ready to participate in all Workshops.

Ministry Development Venue, Newcastle, Australia

SUBJECTS : Not necessarily covered in order.

Digging deeper in Tongues and moving forward into revelation.
The Prophetic heritage of the Spirit-filled believer.
New Testament gifting for short term missionaries.
How to upgrade spiritual gifts and qualify for missionary service.
The ordered life: humility, submission and more...
The importance of maintaining a fasting lifestyle.
Praying for the sick and demon possessed.
How to build an anointed apostolic or prophetic foundation.
How to build apostolic gifts and maintain them as a lifestyle.
Prophecy and the river of God.
Moving deeper into the river of God. Digging deeper to feed the multitudes.
Prophetic anointing / full function. (This workshop done every meeting)
Preaching workshops. (These workshops are done every meeting)
Gleaning character traits from the Old Testament Prophets.
Travel tips. Launching into the nations. What will it take? Getting started!
How to open doors of ministry overseas? Making an impact!
Ministerial dress codes and ministerial ethics in third-world nations.
How the anointing works in large crowds.
How to build an anointed altar and maintain that anointing.
Application of nine gifts of the Spirit. Using more than one gift!
Finances and provisions for missionaries. God's river of provision.
Visions: and working with visions.
Signs and wonders.