About WPO


Rev. Dr. Lawrence Gregor is President of Worldwide Pentecostal Outreach, a non-profit missionary society based in Australia.

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Gregor holds a Doctorate of Ministry from Primus Christian University in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

The organization has a mandate to reach developing nations with the message of the gospel. Rev. Dr. Lawrence Gregor has a Prophetic and Bible teaching ministry and has preached in more than 50 nations. Many nations like India have been visited more than 17 times. He ministers in crusades, conferences, pastors' seminars and is valued as a ministerial mentor to pastors in many developing nations.


In 1980, Lawrence heard of a church in the USA that was highly gifted in prophetic, visionary and missionary ministry. He decided to move to USA with his family to deepen his Prophetic ministry. In the same year Lawrence Gregor made a missionary venture to the Philippines immediately after ministering with a group in China and Hong Kong. Whilst in Hong Kong an aging prophetess had prophesied in the Miramar Hotel lobby that God would open doors and that many miracles would take place. What took place was indeed a series of miracles! God opened doors of ministry in large cities as well as remote mountainous regions of the Philippines. Many people were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Scores of people experienced great miracles. Cataracts disappeared, deaf children heard for the first time, leprous skin conditions disappeared and countless other miracles took place. It was as if Lawrence Gregor became a Prophetic ministry with a missionary vision overnight. A great love for outreaching into remote areas was birthed within him. Since that time he has continued to concentrate on conducting crusades, revival meetings, conferences and Pastors' seminars in remote regions. He continues to establish and upgrade Word-based Bible schools with emphasis on developing spiritual gifts for students.

His Ministerial Development Courses, although conducted in Newcastle Australia have also become well respected in many others nations such as India, Uganda and Kenya. In these sessions, pastors are shown how to excel in their ministry gifts and move quickly to new levels of spiritual gifting that increasing their effectiveness as ministers. Hundreds of Ministerial Manuals and Bible teaching materials are given freely.

Rev. Dr. Lawrence Gregor is also used as a prophetic conference worldwide and a pastors' seminar speaker in developing nations to assist supervising pastors (bishops) with large seminar gatherings. Many of these senior pastors have hundreds of churches in remote regions under their care.

Many pastors in developing nations are now working full time in the ministry because of his mentoring. Further to this, many folk the Australia and USA who were burdened to be a part of an outreach ministry team to the nations have joined him on ministry trips. Many have shared wondrous first-hand experiences of participating in Apostolic and Prophetic work in the nations.

Those desiring to partner with us can send cheques with correspondence to:

Worldwide Pentecostal Outreach,
P.O. Box 3080,
Thornton, N.S.W. 2322